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St.Clair On Coast To Coast With George Noory

Cosmologist and astrologer Michael St. Clair discussed with George Noory, his visions of the future. Time travel, John Titor, gold as currency, Earth and climate changes and what merging hyper-dimensions will bring to mankind. Coast To Coast AM Monday 5th January 3 hour show. Full Transcript

St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown

    New! St.Clair Brief: Navigation is the key! Powerful Earth changing events play out before us .. as world economic melt-down leads the way to a 'future' physical gold (resource) economy. St.Clair outlines, in this easy to understand briefing, the options we have through 2011 (ahead of the 2012 star alignment) until 2020 to create and essentially manifest - "radiant zones".

    The St.Clair Brief summarizes the most pressing issues facing us today, giving a unique perspective on future trends and adds that the state of the human mind is the most important aspect and the key to success. Take this easy to access handbook with you wherever you go. St.Clair raises awareness to totally unique levels with this compact and hard-hitting summary as he urges people to: Think outside of the cave! St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown.

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth has about it the scent of surpassing wisdom: A new ET-based spiritual revelation narrated as a soul-expanding adventure in two parts, Zen of Stars & ForeSeen, reveals the discoveries awaiting humanity.

It considers our true cosmic history and destiny: it answers to the most fundamental issues. Core message: By 2020 we see merging hyper-dimensions challenging us into direct action – to end thought. Our today is a disconnect from our true past. Via the new mind, this knowing is designed for you to engineer the paths of your incarnation from your own future. St.Clair – his Master of The Light, and his vision – changes your life, as he frees mankind, one soul at a time. Once a decade perhaps, a special book of profound impact appears: Light-Seeds is hailed by a sub-culture to be "it."

Time Travel Resonators

St.Clair's Time Travel Resonator Handbook for crystal minds and alchemists. Over the ages, even before Lemuria or Atlantis, it was known that crystals were time travel instruments. Crystals can be used to connect with spirit guides, to enhance the ability of the brain to focus and increase the deeper seeing skills inherent in every human being. In a not too distant future, by 2020, the new “machines” assisting humans will be round disk shaped crystal slates and square seeing crystals, which can at the command of the mind work with humans to download information from worlds far apart and far beyond the present time.

St.Clair's Timeless Books

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